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My name is Kat Whitman and I am a 33 year old female medical device marketing professional with an MBA from Duke University's Fuqua School of Business. I am a positive, energetic, doer! I feel empowered by pursuing my passions.  First, I am passionate about my job. I love working in the medical device industry and I enjoy working for my family’s business.  We are developing disruptive technologies solving unmet needs in the treatment of structural heart disease.  I hope one day our solutions will help save a lot of lives. In the meantime, I am simultaneously supporting my favorite people on the planet. In addition, I am passionate about the arts and giving back to the community whether it be by performing in musical theatre, volunteering or organizing events for family and friends – from bridal showers, baby showers, graduation parties to trips abroad.

Can you share a memory of your first drape of a sari?

I was fortunate enough to be in my best friend Lauren’s wedding. Lauren married an Indian man named Ankeet. His mother had extensive experience as a wedding planner in India and she had saris made for all of the bridesmaids. Lauren had so many outfit changes throughout the five day celebration it was truly amazing to observe the uniqueness and beauty of each sari.

The first time I put it on I was in absolute awe. It was so stunning and detail-oriented and it was custom-made JUST for me! I felt very special and it felt very flattering. It was an honor to get to wear something that was so specifically created for a meaningful event and made me feel even more connected to the special occasion. 

Can western women carry off the sari – and should they even try?

I ABSOLUTELY think that western woman can “pull off” the sari.  I think there may be a sense of insecurity around the idea for western women as we want to be respectful of the Indian culture and traditions but are ignorant to the meaning behind a lot of these.  Sometimes, we may not know how the Indian culture feels about our partaking in wearing the attire.  I do know that it is very often encouraged when invited to Indian weddings and I have friends that have borrowed my “bridesmaid dress” to wear to their friend’s Indian weddings.  We love feeling that extra layer of inclusion in such an incredible celebration.  Indian weddings are too much fun and rich in cultural traditions.  They definitely require a week’s worth of recovery!!

Can you share with us your experience with Indian culture?

I was introduced to the Indian culture through this wedding. I believe there is a strong sense of family and community and desire for entertaining.  The entire event was designed for everyone the bride and groom knew to enjoy themselves. It was nice to bring all different cultures together under the umbrella  - and boy did they like to eat!  At the end of the five day celebration I was more exhausted from dancing and participating in different rituals than I had ever been in my entire life and it was UNFORGETTABLE!

What was your experience wearing a Lehenga for the first time?

I loved wearing a lehenga for the first time. Similar to the sari, it was very detail oriented and custom-made just for me! They style is a little more casual and it felt a little more fun and free-spirited than the sari. There are so many ways to accessorize these outfits too with accompaniments you can wreathe same outfit a few different ways. It is really cool, and surprising, how much more connected you feel to the culture when you dress the part. It adds another layer of connectivity to the events and community. I would suggest that next time you are invited to an Indian wedding or event, you dress for the occasion!

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Picture credit: Kat Whitman 
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