Sudha Srinivasamoorthy - Baking is My Passion

Hello, my name is Sudha Srinivasamoorthy, Owner, Cake Artist at Sudha’s Cake Studio, a registered home-based Bakery in Dallas, TX, and Mom to a 7-year-old little girl who always gives me challenging projects for her birthday!

"Find Something You are passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it" - Julia Child
This quote was a true-life changer for me, and I keep telling this to myself every day, even today! I worked in the Software Industry for a leading technology firm for over 7 years and there came a point in my life I had to quit my job. Only during this time, I had so much time in my hands suddenly and started exploring Baking as a hobby. Slowly this hobby turned into passion, I was obsessed with cake decorating and started baking for my close friends and family. Initially, people asked me why I am doing this and my answer always has always been  that I love to do it and it gives me a purpose in life. We all need a purpose to go on in our lives and baking gave me one!
Cakes for me are more than just flour and sugar. It’s a form of Art where we can create wonders with just simple ingredients and from a blank frosted canvas. I love creating cakes with Textures, Elegant floral elements, and cute children's cakes. I also specialize in creating custom eggless cakes for any occasion
Passion when combined with practice and perseverance gives me joy and satisfaction. Finally in 2020, my passion became my full time job. I gave it a name designed, and launched it with my website
Being a first time entrepreneur is not an easy feat. I learn every single day, make mistakes and re-learn again. But it has been a wonderful journey so far with amazing friends and family to support and lovely clients who have faith in me and my work. Currently this is just a One Woman Business where I do every single thing on my own but dreaming to expand in the future. Dream Big and Make it Happen right!


Picture credit: Sudha Srinivasamoorthy   
Featured saree: Floral Tissue Organza

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