Customization Guide

Don't settle for a one-size-fits-all approach to fashion. At Luvvih, we offer a range of tailoring options to help you achieve the perfect fit. Whether you want to add extra length, adjust the neckline, or tweak the fit in other ways, our experienced tailors can help you create a blouse  that's truly tailored to your needs. With our tailoring options, you'll feel comfortable and confident in your outfit, no matter what the day brings. Our measurement philosophy is to keep it simple and make it easy for you. Our incredibly talented master tailors and designers customize the blouse based on just a few simple measurements you provide. We leave room for simple DIY adjustments.

Our Standard Blouse Styles

Want more than just standard? Just send us a screenshot! You can now upload your inspirations in .jpg, png, .tiff formats during the checkout process. 

Reference Size Chart (Standard Measurements)

Blouse Size Bra Size  Chest/Bust Waist Front Length
XS 28 28 23 14
S 30 30 24.5 14
M1 32 32 26 14.5
M2 34 34 27.5 to 29 14.5
L1 36 36 28.5 to 31 15.5
L2 38 38 30 to 33 15.5
XL 40 40 33 to 35 16
XXL1 42 42 35.5 to 37 16
XXL2 44 44 37 to 39 16.5