Prerna Sivadas - Moving Beyond Equal Opportunities

IWD 2023 #embraceequity @luvvihonline

International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8, and this year’s theme is all about embracing equity and moving beyond equal opportunities.

Growing up in a very diverse and inclusive family, where traditional gender roles were often challenged, I was in a position to voice out and be a part of many conversations about fairness and equal opportunity. As I became an adult, I realized that not everyone's thought resonated with my upbringing. Knowing that some women had more access to opportunities than others, elevated my awareness of structural gender inequalities.
Very recently, I posted about women empowerment on my social media and to my surprise, I had lewd comments about “if you need equality, why don’t you do my yard work?” or “why don’t you work in the field of construction?” Being raised in a protected and open-minded family, these comments initially came as a shock to me, it didn’t make sense how the present living generation could think this way. This is not the first time I have heard them but the sad reality of today’s world is that we still have a large majority of people who think women don’t belong at certain places. This is so basic, yet we still lack understanding and the room is more often than not filled with ignorance.

To me, Embracing equity is embracing individuality and embracing each of our own unique story. Each individual is powerful in their ideas and thoughts and we as a community can accomplish some amazing things together.

Being a women, I hold this topic very close to my heart. And, here are some little things I do everyday to embrace equity and equality at our workplace and just anywhere outside and at home.

  • Celebrate the achievements of women at my workplace and at home.
  • Take any chance to educate folks on women empowerment and throw light on the current challenges that face women face globally
  • Support more women owned business - there are plenty of women owned small business that could do with a some support. Buy from them and be a part of their journey.
  • Volunteer for a cause that supports women
  • Most importantly, Speak up and report discrimination against women

Let’s all be that woman who fix’s other women’s crown gracefully - always and forever! Happy International Women’s Day!

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