Luvvih Cares


"Eera Nenjam" – a beacon of compassion and care. Founded over a decade ago in the city of Coimbatore in India. Eera Nenjam is a non-profit organization dedicated to uplifting society, with a special focus on assisting those in need. For the past 10 years, they have tirelessly worked towards creating a positive impact, providing support and care to numerous individuals. In collaboration with Eera Nenjam, Luvvih is proud to contribute a percentage of all sales, helping to further the mission of fostering love and well-being in our community.

In October 2023,  our commitment to compassion takes center stage as Eera Nenjam embarks on a heartfelt initiative. In collaboration with Luvvih, a special donation drive aimed at providing essential sustenance and warmth to elderly women in need. Our focus extends beyond traditional charity, reaching into the lives of those who have gracefully weathered the sands of time. Join us as we channel the spirit of generosity, offering not just food and clothing but also a sense of comfort and dignity to these remarkable women.

Remember, every product you buy from Luvvih plays a vital role in  fueling this impactful endeavor. Your purchases go beyond personal satisfaction—they become a powerful force for positive change. With each transaction, you contribute to the well-being of elderly women