About Us

 Luvvih means beauty in Sanskrit. Read our story to learn about the How and Why of Luvvih.

Our Story

Our meeting was pure happenstance when we landed in the U.S. more than twenty years ago. One of the many things we had in common was a love - nay, passion - for sarees. Not just the exquisite flowing resplendent garment we wear with such pride and joy, but the entire process of shopping for it, the stitching of the matching blouse in the right style, the acquiring of the rest of the matching accoutrements… We have been through this process, individually and collectively, perhaps a few hundred times each, enjoying each other’s opinions, spotting that winning design in a little corner store in India, seeking each other’s support to find the right tailor and so on. Then we wondered: Why don't we extend this support to other women like us? Thus was born Luvvih.

Living in the U.S., approaching the process of buying a saree can be quite a challenge. There are several moving parts to consider, starting from staying current with saree fashion, right down to getting the right blouse and accessories together to complete the ensemble. Years of experience tells us that the purchase-to-wear cycle for a good saree can be as long as one year. Long enough for fashion to pass us by. Crashing this cycle down to two weeks is the essence of Luvvih’s promise to you.

We would like to call ourselves saree curators. We help you identify the right saree for you from a wide range of options. We then put the rest of the pieces together and ship you the entire package, wherever you are! 

When you engage with us, the feminine touch stays at every step — Luvvih is a completely women-run business. The women behind Luvvih handpick exquisite sarees and work with some incredibly talented designers in India to bring you the latest and most sought-after designs in tastefully tailored blouses. We then carefully curate the rest of the package to develop complete ready-to-wear ensembles.

Welcome to Luvvih! We look forward to enhancing your Luvvih at your next special occasion!

We aspire to encourage women all over the world to step up and lead. We are currently working with three different charitable organizations and have allocated a percentage of every sale towards funding initiatives that promote women entrepreneurship. If you are an organization that could benefit from this, email us at charities@luvvih.com.