The Organic Appeal

A specially curated collection of subtle & classic signature weaves that do not sacrifice fashion for ethics. 

  • Ponduru Khadi: Woven in the village of Srikakulam (aka Khadi village) these sarees are one-of-a-kind hand spun exclusively by the local weavers. This is an artisanal heritage handloom textile, made entirely in hand-crafted processes. We support the local weavers by sourcing these directly from them. Learn more about saving this weave (link)
  • Jamdani: Prized for its lightness, the cotton and/or silk fibers are woven through the interlocking heddles of the loom. Jamdani weave is a wide variety of geometric, repeat patterns, traditional floral and figured designs that originated in West Bengal/Bangladesh in early 19th century. Learn more (link