Lakshmi Sarkar: Navigating the Canvas of Life

My passion for painting and drawing guided me into the realm of architecture, a profession that, to my surprise, didn't initially involve the vibrant strokes of a paintbrush. Yet, amidst the challenges, I discovered the limitless creativity embedded in the architecture, particularly in the bustling city of Mumbai.

Fast forward to a significant twist in life – as a mother, circumstances led my family to Australia, where I embraced the role of a stay-at-home mom. Seeking solace in creativity, I rekindled my love for painting and drawing, a therapeutic connection that would later become my artistic anchor.

Returning to the US in 2013, an old friend's encouragement sparked a renaissance in my art journey. By early 2015, I ventured into fashion illustration, an uncharted territory for me. Despite lacking formal training in both fashion and illustration, my unwavering passion fueled my exploration. Determined to collaborate with luxury brands, I believed that my distinct style and skills would be my ticket to recognition.

Instagram became my canvas, connecting me with a community of fellow artists, designers, bloggers, and, notably, women in the arts. These connections, especially with other mothers, formed a supportive network where shared experiences and ideas flourished.

As friendships deepened, doors opened – online connections evolved into real-life collaborations. My creative circle expanded across the US, primarily in the DC area, where shared coffees, phone calls, and face-to-face meetings molded me as an artist.

Being part of this artistic sisterhood goes beyond shared canvases; it's about navigating the intricacies of our profession. We discuss pricing, business challenges, motherhood, and more, sharing tips and elevating each other's services. Collaborations on projects and recommendations have become second nature, creating a synergy that defines our collective success.

To those embarking on a new journey, I advocate for authentic connections without expectations, building a trusted inner circle. True friendships, I've learned, transcend follower counts and social media metrics. As I celebrate International Women's Day, I extend heartfelt gratitude to the strong women who have been pillars of support throughout the years.

In this whirlwind of life, I've come to cherish a small yet mighty circle of trusted friends, both professionally and personally. On this day, I salute and thank these remarkable women for their enduring support. Here's to many more years of this beautiful rollercoaster called friendship.

About Lakshmi Sarkar: Based in Virginia, Lakshmi Sarkar is an artist and engraver who breathes life into events through live painting. Her artistic journey, born in Mumbai and nurtured across the globe, reflects a commitment to creativity. Connect with Lakshmi through her website and Instagram for a glimpse into her vibrant world of art. @lakshsarkar

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