Dr. K - Happiness is Helping Others

In the world of doctors without borders, here is a doctor who loves borders – in her sarees! Priya K. (fondly known as Dr. K) is a Hospitalist, an Assistant Professor, a Science Olympiad coach, a Science Fair mentor and a US Medical Licensing Examination coach who lives her life by the principle: One should always help others.

That’s a lovely saree you are wearing Dr. K. Tell us a little about it and about your love for sarees in general.

This saree is an emerald-green georgette with black and silver beadwork. It drapes beautifully and I love the way it moves! The saree, with its wide variety of drapes and kaleidoscope of colors, helps me express myself. Bold and confident one day, quiet and understated the next, I see it as a link to my Indian culture and tradition.

We know you wear a lot of hats in your professional life. What defines you as a person?

As a physician, teacher and lifelong learner, I have never wanted to blaze a trail of glory. I would rather be that gentle stream that meanders through life providing sustenance and an enduring serenity. Education, compassion and a constant drive to learn new things and help people are what define me.

The drive to help people is so beautiful. What drives you to want to do this all the time?

I am a breast cancer survivor and having gone through the gamut of treatments, surgery, and radiation, I now live every day to the fullest and make it a point to help people.

And how does this manifest in your life as a doctor, especially in today’s challenging times?

One of the things that distinguishes a COVID patient from most other patients is that a COVID patient is a lonely patient. They are isolated from everyone including their own families and friends. All they see are doctors and nurses. I try to address this challenge of theirs by being their friend as well their doctor. Quite often, I hold their hands while they Facetime with their families.


  • Sowmya Srinivasan
    You are rooted and level headed in your approach to life and an inspiration to many.

  • Prasad SL

    Good contribution to the needy
    Keep it up

  • S V Raghavan

    Priya I am so happy to know about your multifaceted personality. Keep it up

  • Sujatha Srinivasn

    Wow! So proud of you dear Priya. A role model and inspiration for all of us. Lovely interview and heartwarming answers !! Hats off to you!!

  • Sumaty Santhanam

    Lovely writeup and question answer session that is showing the real values u have towards our culture.Really touching Priya and happy birthday to the great lady.

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